Arnautovic is furious after being placed on the bench

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Bologna striker Marko Arnautovic has express his displeasure at boss Thiago Motta after being use as a substitute for two games in a row.

The Austria international has scored eight goals in 15 games in Serie A and is currently the team’s top scorer. But in the last two games, the referee is take as a substitute. And is not sent to play ufabet in which the team lost 1-1 against. Torino and the latest draw with Lazio 0-0 on Saturday night.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Arnautovic threw a bottle of water at the bench in frustration at the final whistle. He even kicked off a billboard the moment he walked off the pitch.

Meanwhile, Motta continues to insist that both Joshua Sergey and Musa Barrow have improve and will play ahead of Arnautovic during this time.

Previously, Arnautovic had injure and disappear for 2 months. But is currently fit and ready to play but has not yet select.

Thiago Motta preferred him Barrow against Lazio. And he, Marko Arnautovic, didn’t take it well at all. According to TV broadcasters, the Austrian centre-forward vented his anger on the way between the bench and the Dall’Ara changing rooms, kicking everything that came within range. After the match, the Bologna coach said:

“Barrow deserves to play up front and play the game he did with the whole team. Today he couldn’t see the goal but he has a nice shot. It showed in the second half He gives us a lot and sacrifices himself, he gives depth and helps the group. I’m satisfied with the whole team, the opponent is level. It was a good game.