Tottenham still eyeing Pickford over Toffee deal

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Tottenham Hotspur still eyeing England number one Jordan Pickford Become a new goalkeeper. And it will be more convenient if Everton is relegated.

The Sun reports that Tottenham Hotspur are still considering Pickford as their new first-choice goalkeeper in place of aging Hugo Lloris. Although the English national team goalkeeper has just renewed a new contract with Everton agency until 2027Pickford has in Spurs’ eyes for a while now. 

Although referred to a new contract with blue toffee Went out on February 24. But in this contract there is an agreement to sell at a lower price. If the team is relegated from the Premier League after this season.

In the event of Everton’s relegation, the ufabet club have a deal to sell Pickford. But would still want around £35m, a figure that would be negotiable. As for the wages, it’s not a problem. Because of the offer from Spurs. They are willing to pay a figure similar to what the players are currently accepting.

As for Spurs, they are looking for a goalkeeper who will be their new long-term No. 1 because current captain Lloris is 36 years old, despite being contract to Tottenham Hotspur. Stadium until the end of the 2023-24 season.